NEWS (2020/04/30)

Regarding a business partnership with PT Lumina Packaging (Indonesia)

We have entered a business partnership with PT Lumina Packaging (LUMIPACK), which manufactures flexible packaging materials in Indonesia.

Currently, we supply high quality packages such as transparent retort pouches in Southeast Asia market. In this business partnership, NITTO PACK will provide our manufacturing and processing technology and know-how to LUMIPACK, manufacture high quality packages (retort pouches, etc.) by LUMIPACK under the guidance of NITTO PACK. Moreover, we jointly establish a sales company (JV) which will sell these packages in Indonesia and ASEAN countries.

In this business partnership, by providing high quality packages to SMEs food manufacturers in Indonesia, where it has been difficult to access high quality packages, we can support to improve product quality in the Indonesian market and add high value to products.

Outline of the JV

Company Name PT NITTO LUMI PACK Indonesia

WISMA KEIAI, 2nd Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. Kav. 3, RT. 10/ RW.04, Karet Tengsin, Central
Jakarta Municipality, the Province of Jakarta Special Capital Region 10220


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