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Digital Printing Package

  1. Solve your problem by Digital Printing Technology
  2. Variety design and variable printing
  3. Optimize inventory
  4. Highly safe ink


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Wide Open Cut(R)(WOC(R))

  1. Tear easily:
    Special treatment on sealing part makes it easy for children, seniors to open.
  2. Tamper Evident:
    Sealing part turns white when the package is opened. Consequently, it is easy to separate from unopened products or to secure your product.
  3. Easy to take out without being bothered by tray:
    WOC(R) opens only one side of the pouch, so it will not be bothered the opening action by tray.

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Wide Open Cut(R)(WOC(R))【Microwavable Type】

  1. Microwavable without opening the pouch.                         
  2. Steam cooking available.
  3. Boil cooking available.

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NHR(R) -Retort Pouch-

  1. NHR(R) is NITTOPACK's retort puch
    • -Using only Japanese raw materials
    • -Consumer and commercial use
    • -Provide safety, security and Japanese quality
  2. BOBLET. is newly launched film for commercial base by KOHJIN Film & Chemicals, based on PBT resin with Tubular simultaneous biaxial orienting process.
  3. BOBLET. has same general properties with BO-PET film, but has superior pinhole resistance and impact strength compared to BO-PA or BO-OET film due to its chemical structure.

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NHR(R) -Retort Pouch(Transparent Type)-

  1. NHR(R) is NITTOPACK's retort puch
  2. Retortable transparent high barrier pouch
  3. Capable of checking the content and Microwavable
  4. Oxygen gas barrier performance independent of processing condition
  5. High resistance of oxygen gas barrier properties against flexing, elongation, and vaccum pack
  6. Target application
    • -Transparent boil or retort pouch
      Boiled vegetable, Fruits in syrup, Pet food, Tuna etc.
    • -Vacum pouch
      Sweet corn (Cob corn), Cut vegetable, Processed meat, processed fish etc.

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Linedeco(R) is a "pencil shaped" flexible package. Fill whipped cream,meltedchocolate or other desert sawce in our squeezablepackage. With Linedeco(R), you can "draw" one to three lines for decorating. And we could make the shape and size of this squeeze dispenser package as you wish.

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Linedeco(R)(LDP(R))【Separate Type】

Linedeco(R)【Separate Type】 is able to fill with different types of contents.
You can decorate in various meals by Linedeco(R).

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Special Shaped Pouch

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Zippered Pouch

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Stand up Pouch

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